Why Chelsea have not sacked their struggling manager

At this point, Maurizio Sarri’s future at Chelsea is very uncertain.

Late yesterday evening rumours flooded the internet that the Italian coach’s position was under threat, and that he could be for the chop sooner rather than later.

In years gone by, any manager under Roman Abramovich doing this badly would have been booted long ago.

Instead, the Italian has been given a surprisingly long stay of execution.

According to the Daily Mail, part of the reason the club may be hesitant to sack him is that whoever they bring in to replace him will not be able to sign any players thanks to our ongoing transfer ban.

That’s a serious concern for the top managers out there, and a serious concern for Chelsea who want to get those big names in to manage the club.

So, to sum up – we’ve not yet sacked our struggling manager, because we’re worried we won’t be able to get anyone in to replace him.

What a situation to be in that is.

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