Chelsea press conference live: Maurizio Sarri on Man City thumping, his future & ignoring Pep

Good afternoon and welcome to the Etihad Stadium for Maurizio Sarri’s press conference after Chelsea’s 6-0 hammering against Man City.

The Blues were 4-0 down inside 25 minutes when Sergio Aguero bagged a brace, with Raheem Sterling and Ilkay Gundogan grabbing goals as well.

Sarri’s side were the masters of their own downfall with mistakes all over the pitch and Ross Barkley gifting Aguero one of his goals in the first half.

Cesar Azpilicueta then tipped Sterling early in the second half to give away a penalty, which Aguero fired into the bottom corner to round off his hat-trick.

The rout was then wrapped up in the second half when Sterling added a sixth just to add to the embarrassment for the Blues.

We’ll have updates from the boss as soon as he arrives to speak to the media.

Stay tuned!

Sarri done
The Chelsea boss is done for now.

Difficult to motivate?
No, my feeling before was really very good and I felt the motivation before was the right level. We conceded after four minutes in a stupid way, we made a lot of mistakes against the wrong opponents. They played fantastic football.

Worried your football doesn’t work?
No because today I didn’t see my football. No, at the beginning it worked. So now we only have to understand why at the moment it isn’t working. We need to understand the reason. It is not easy. We are playing better at home rather than away. Something has changed, I cannot see the reason, but I have to work for this. The target is to play my football, I am not seeing that.

Ignoring Pep
No I didn’t see him at that moment. I will see him afterwards, it was by chance. I wanted to go the dressing room.

Fear for your job?
I don’t know. You have to ask the club. I am worried about my team, the performance but my job is always at risk. You have to ask the club.

Waiting for Sarri
Now we are awaiting Maurizio Sarri and we are going to hear from the Chelsea boss soon.

End of Pep
Guardiola is done.

Is the desire to win trophies still there?
It is there. To have 100 points to beat the record, you have to have appetite. Our staff don’t love our players because we don’t let them breathe. Everyone works so hard. The only way I know, is you have to work and work. It is the only way to reach the level.

Words to Aguero and then his miss
I just said nice goal. I think he is over Shearer’s record. He said to me that he saw Kepa coming quick, that he wanted to be more precise. I just said don’t do it again.

The last game he didn’t score, he has up and down games. But for the penalty and the goals and defensively he helped us a lot. So very good.

Sympathise with Sarri?
Of course. I know what he wants to do, this football always helps to make us better. They want to try to do it, they beat us at Stamford Bridge. The people don’t understand how difficult it is to do something. The people expect that it immediately comes, it needs time. It only is the belief of the owners. Today we were really good and why we won.

Title race
All we have to do is work now. Liverpool have one more game. My emotions will be at the end of the season.

Sarri not shaking Pep’s hand
I just spoke with Zola, Sarri didn’t see me. I have a great relationship with him, no problem.

Hitting best form
One week ago we played Newcastle. The Carabao Cup it could be tougher, as they are professionals. The players were outstanding and all I can say is thank you.

The best performance at home you have had?
Yes. We played good. We defended deeper like never before. They had one chance with Pedro, no more. We are so pleased with this week, Arsenal, Everton and Chelsea.

Pep is here
The Manchester City boss is here first to give his take on the game.

Rudiger at full-time

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