Chelsea need to sell ‘toxic’ Eden Hazard – Stan Collymore

Hazard needs to leave Chelsea

Former footballer Stan Collymore has recently taken aim at Chelsea’s Eden Hazard.

Writing for the Mirror, Collymore has suggested Chelsea selling Hazard would make the Blues dressing room a lot less toxic:

“Eden Hazard needs to leave Stamford Bridge – to rid Chelsea of its toxic ­dressing room.”

Collymore does go on to state that he rates Hazard as one of the best players in the world.

However, he does feel that the Belgian is partly to blame for Chelsea’s poor dressing room atmosphere.

“Nothing against the Belgian, who I rate one of the best in the world, but it’s time for the club to cash in.

“He’s a wonderful talent but I’ve got a nagging feeling he’s part of the problems at the club.

“Jose Mourinho was lukewarm towards him, Antonio Conte wasn’t overly keen, and now he is part of a crew whose bottle Maurizio Sarri has questioned in the last few weeks.”

What Collymore is referring to is the fact Maurizio Sarri has come out recently and suggested he cannot motivate his players.

Eden Hazard’s best ever season at Chelsea

While selling Hazard could perhaps rid Chelsea of its ‘toxic’ dressing room, it would likely be hard for Chelsea to part ways with Hazard due to the season he is having.

The Belgian did have a slight dip in form in recent matches. Partly due to him playing out of position at centre-forward.

But now Gonzalo Higuain is starting up top for Chelsea, Hazard can go back to his preferred left wing spot.

Hazard did so against Huddersfield and would score twice.

The 27-year-old has now scored 12 and assisted 10 in 24 league games for Chelsea this campaign.

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