Jorginho: ‘Sarri true to himself’

Jorginho lifts the lid on some of Maurizio Sarri’s more bizarre superstitions and hails the Chelsea Coach for “always remaining true to himself.”

The Italo-Brazilian midfielder followed Sarri from Napoli to Chelsea and is lighting up the Premier League.

“If I had to list all Sarri’s superstitions, I’d be here until tomorrow morning!” Jorginho told Sky Sport Italia.

“I’ll tell you one: if the ball goes out for a throw-in, he refuses to touch it and won’t put it back on to the pitch. Mind you, the principles of Sarrismo dictate the ball should rarely go off the field…”

The tactician came very late in life to a professional coaching career, having previously worked in banking.

“Sarri has a great personal story, but has always remained true to himself. He is a very simple and honest person.

“In tactical terms, his style of play is very attacking, but organisation is the key to everything. When we play, everyone knows what they have to do and it becomes easier for everyone that way.”

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