Chelsea news: Hazard and Sarri clash, Balague reveals concern, Klopp sends warning

Eden Hazard’s insistence on attacking freedom clashes with Maurizio Sarri’s ideology of pressing and tactical discipline, according to Guillem Balague.

“It’s interesting the Hazard situation with Sarri,” he said in a video posted on his YouTube channel.

“Sarri would like Hazard to be more disciplined and to do more of the things that he’s asking to do.

“But actually Hazard is lifting his game by just being more free.

“It’s interesting that creative clash there, which of course the coach will try to bring more to keep these obligations.

“Especially when we lose the ball you have to be here and here and here, to do this and this and that.”

And Balague thinks Sarri should utilise his squad depth in order to avoid burning out his key players.

“The impact is clear for everybody to see,” he added.

“And it’s got to do with directness, it’s got to do with aggression to get the ball, it’s got to do with confidence, it’s got to do with victories.

“My worry is he is only using the same kind of players and he’s got to open up to use others because this kind of energy will die down a little bit if he continues like this.

“But so far so good and even players that are not playing regularly like Cesc (Fabregas) are talking very highly of Sarri.”

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has warned Chelsea and Manchester City that he has no intention of finishing second best this season.

“In most sports, coming second in the Olympics you come home with a silver medal,” he said.

“In football, it’s nothing. And it’s nothing for me as well. I want to win it, and I know that’s a responsibility.

“I put all I have, knowledge, passion, heart, experience, I throw everything into the club 100 per cent. I don’t keep anything back.

“It should work, actually, at one point. But until then, we should have a really good time.”

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