Kante’s face when an entire stadium and team-mates sing his song

France beat the Netherlands 2-1 in Paris and got the party started by parading the World Cup trophy in front of a packed Stade de France crowd.

Kylian Mbappe and Olivier Giroud scored the goals in a glorious homecoming in Paris.

The players also got the crowd going when they decided to serenade Chelsea midfielder and all round nice guy N’Golo Kante with his own song.

The players began singing it during the World Cup and includes a reference to Kante stopping Lionel Messi when France eliminated Argentina in the last 16 as well as the fact his team-mates think he cheats at cards.

“N’Golo Kante,

“Pala Lalala,

“He’s short, he’s nice,

“He stopped Leo Messi,

“But we all know he’s a cheater,

“N’Golo Kante”

Yeah, it works better in French. Agreed.

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