Chelsea players put through punishing double sessions as Sarri steps things up

Chelsea are back on the training ground after a couple of days off, and Maurizio Sarri is putting the players through their paces with double sessions.

“Carefree Youth” doesn’t have a Blue tick, and to many just seems like another fan account, but he regularly has exclusive updates, and clearly either works at the training ground or knows someone with access, as he regularly comes out with tid-bits like this:

It’s hardly surprising to hear that the players are doubling down this week.

Sarri has not had nearly as much time in training as we would have liked with this team, missing out on a large chunk of preseason and spending even more of it travelling around the world for friendlies.

We’ve long been excited to see how productive this break will be, and if he’s putting the players through two sessions a day, we’re even more excited to see what the coach can conjure.

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