Chelsea news: Darren Fletcher reveals Eden Hazard secret

CHELSEA star Eden Hazard is so good you need TWO defenders to stop him, claims Stoke midfielder Darren Fletcher.

Fletcher was speaking ahead of Belgium’s crushing victory over Scotland on Friday night.

Hazard started for Roberto Martinez’s side and scored their second in a convincing friendly win.

Fletcher has played against Hazard at Chelsea many times during his time in the Premier League with Stoke and previously West Brom and Manchester United.

He suggested the Scotland central defenders go over and help the full-back when Hazard is with the ball on the flank.

But he admits it is harder said than done, as Hazard also has a lethal left foot.

“There’s got to be a game plan, you have to double up,” Fletcher said.

“You have to cover on the inside. If you leave him isolate one v one with the defender, he’s so good, he’s so sharp.

“His low-centre of gravity, he just leaves you for dead.

“We know he likes to come inside on his right foot, so Scotland should have a game plan for that.

“With it being three centre-halves, is it going to be one of the centre-halves that come over and double up? Or is it going to be one of the midfield players?

“But it’s definitely, when you’re preparing to play Belgium, that’s top of the list on how you stop them.

“You definitely stop him coming inside on his right foot, which he likes to do.

“If he beats you down the left and scores a wonder goal with his left foot, sometimes you have to hold your hands up and accept that a little bit.

“Nine times out of 10 there’s a great chance of being a goal (when you let him cut inside on his right).”

Scotland did heed Fletcher’s advice at Hampden Park last night.

They showed Eden Hazard onto his left foot on 46 minutes but the Chelsea gem lashed home past a helpless Craig Gordon nevertheless.

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