‘I knew I’d be back stronger’ – Chelsea wonderkid is out to impress Maurizio Sarri

Chelsea youngster Ethan Ampadu has made a vow ahead of the new season.

In a disappointing 2017/2018 campaign for the Blues, the 17-year-old was one of the more positive stories.

He joined the club last summer and was almost immediately thrown into training with the first-team and caught the eye of Antonio Conte as he featured in the early rounds of the Carabao Cup as well as FA Cup, and was also handed a Premier League debut in the win at Huddersfield Town.

“I didn’t think I’d be involved with the matches,” Ampadu told the club’s official website. “I thought, hopefully, if I kick on with the 23s and the 18s, and go on to training, and if I do well in training see what happens from there.”

A further sign that Ampadu is on the right road came when he made his international debut for Wales against France before starting a friendly against Panama a few days later.

However, his season was cut short in March with a broken foot when he hobbled off during the UEFA Youth League quarter-final win over Real Madrid.

He’s since returned to Cobham in a bid to get back to full fitness and has vowed to come back stronger.

“You’ve got to just be there for support when you’re off the pitch,” he added. “If you get injured it’s not great, but when you miss a couple of months it’s even worse.

“But it could have been worse, that’s how I’m looking at it, it could have been worse.

“I knew I was going to be back and I was going to be back stronger.”

Ampadu is one of many talented academy players tipped to make a loan move this summer, however, he could push for a place in the squad again if Maurizio Sarri is impressed as Conte was last season.

Chelsea buying Jorghino could unlock Sarri impasse — report

With Friday come and gone, with another Alfredo Pedullà-reported Sarri deadline come and gone, the Italian newsman’s credibility has pretty much vanished around these parts.

Self-destructed, actually. Nobody forced him to keep making seemingly unfounded claims about the state of the negotiations between Chelsea and Napoli.

With that Vesuvius-sized caveat, here’s the latest Pedullà claim about our dystopian managerial change. If for nothing else, then for a bit amused chortling.

Esclusiva! Hey, that sounds important. I bet he’s got it right this time!

For those of us who don’t speak Italian, what that tweet and the linked story claim — claim — is that in order to solve the impasse, Napoli wants Chelsea to buy both Sarri and midfielder Jorginho.

This would be the same Jorginho whose representatives flew into Manchester on Friday to finalize his transfer to Pep’s squad, with the details on a €54.5m transfer being ironed-out.

So what gives?

Pedulla’s angle is that De Laurentiis, as wriggly as ever, is hoping to extract even more money from Chelsea than City have been willing to spend. So, something more than €55m, plus a payment for Sarri, and Chelsea would have a new head coach.

(In a report along with the same lines, Sportitalia claims that the right price is €60m.) And if Chelsea won’t bite on Jorginho, then fullback Elseid Hysaj, who played for Sarri at both Napoli and Empoli, would be an option.

So says Pedulla, whose track record is about as good as the Jamaican bobsled team’s.

So while it would be immensely satisfying to do a Willian on City and also acquire a player we could really use (not to mention finally get a new coach), I wouldn’t count on it happening.

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