Chelsea press conference live: Antonio Conte on Liverpool, Mohamed Salah and Alonso’s return

Fell bad for those that don’t make it?
For sure I feel sympathy for my players. But then as you know very well before this big competition the coach has to pick up the best players during this season that deserve to play in this tournament. I hope to see many Chelsea players at the World Cup.

If no CL, let Barkley/Drinkwater try to get into England side?
I don’t know, I think when you arrive at this point in the season, it doesn’t change one or two games. The coach has a clear decision and we have to at first help Chelsea and finish in the best way. Then we will see which are the calls about the national team.

Conte’s future
You are asking my opinion after the first game against Burnley. It is strange to have one question in every press conference. My answer is the same. I have a contract with Chelsea, doing my job and everyday and this is my answer

Liverpool should have challenged City?
As you know very well when you play this trophy it is totally different to the league. You have 38 games to show you are the best. In the other competitions it is different. You have the moment you arrive to play these games. Liverpool have deserved to play in the final, eliminating Manchester City.

Good time to play Liverpool?
I don’t know if it is the right time to play them. For us you have to try to play a good game and keep alive the hope in the Champions League. We are ready.

Mancini Italy job
This is another rumour. Last week this rumour was Ancelotti, this week Mancini. This is a period with a lot of rumours. Two experienced managers, we will see what happens.

Gerrard taking on Rangers job
I don’t know if this is a rumour or he has signed for Rangers. We are talking about a fantastic player, he has started for one year to start coaching and it could be a fantastic opportunity for him.

Top four and FA Cup win, good enough?
Now our target is to finish in the best way. The situation is not in our hands and we have to start with three points against Liverpool, then we will see what happens. We have a final in the FA Cup and we want to give satisfaction to our fans.

Linked with Martial
This is not the right time to talk about this. It is disrespectful for us and the other team.

CL influence Liverpool?
I think for sure I think they want to finish in the best way and have two games to go. I don’t think the CL will influence it.

In the decision to let Salah go permanently?!
No, I have never spoke about Mo Salah as the situation was very clear, no one asked me about him. I don’t want to take this responsibility! I would be in trouble.

Salah, surprised he was good?
I think this season for Salah is fantastic. We are talking about a really good player, I knew him in Italy but to wait for this type of season it would be very difficult to predict this type of season. We are talking about a character with a specific characteristic. I am seeing him very clinical. Every chance he has he takes the opportunity.

Get at their defence?
For sure we must pay great attention. The first game against Rome, if you give them a lot of space they can be very dangerous and have a lot of trouble. They have three special players, Mane, Firmino, Salah and are very good to attack the space. We must be compact.

Liverpool vulnerable in CL race?
This could be a good opportunity for us, but as I have said a lot of times if you want to keep the hope alive you have to win. Liverpool are a good team. It won’t be easy, we have to win on Sunday

Injury news
No news. Everybody fit

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