Abramovich fully committed to Chelsea : Sky Sports

Roman Abramovich remains fully committed to Chelsea despite the fact plans to redevelop Stamford Bridge have been put on hold, Sky Sports News understands.

The Russian billionaire sanctioned the decision to put all further developments of Chelsea’s home ground on hold, which was announced on Thursday.

However, one source has told us that it is still “business as usual” at the west London club and that Abramovich’s commitment to the club is “unwavering”.

He was due to invest up to £1bn in the rebuilding project, which received planning permission last year. It was expected that Chelsea would play at an alternative venue, probably Wembley, until the start of the 2020-2021 season when the new stadium would be ready.

Abramovich, who has owned the team since 2003, attends the majority of Chelsea matches. However, delays over his latest visa application renewal led him to miss Chelsea’s FA Cup final victory over Manchester United earlier this month.

Having become an Israeli citizen last week, Abramovich can now visit Britain for up to six months a year, but will have to apply for a work permit if he wishes to do business here.

The British government has scrutinised Russian business people and diplomats carefully since the Salisbury poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in March.

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    Over the years our parent company has outed civil servants who hide behind anomoninity to give wrong information, show their envy or harass individual members of the public or small companies.
    These activities by civil servants has been around for many years. In the field of football some years ago Liverpool were playing Everton and at halftime former players of both side came out to help charities by taking penalties. One of those former players was Tommy Smith of Liverpool. He was ,at that time, riddled with arthritis and on benefits. He managed to stagger to the penalty spot and weakly kick the ball. The following week he found out that a vicious civil servant had stopped his benefits because he had tapped the ball.

    Now someone in the home office is trying to do much the same to Roman Abromovitch. At this time, as per usual, no reason has been given for delaying his “Investor’s Visa” to Britain. However if we were Roman we would be of the mind to sell up all assets in Britain and invest elsewhere. This, of course, would include Chelsea FC. Not so long ago our Chairman remembers when Chelsea FC couldn’t get credit for a bag of nails and Chelsea FC was sold to Ken Bates for £1.

    Not only will the action or non-action of this civil servant cause hardship to all those employed by Chelsea but to their many fans throughout the world. Further it will help fuel the actions of certain Russian thugs against English supporters at the World Cup. We would recommend that any Englishman going to the World Cup to cancel.
    We are sure there are many competant and fair minded civil servants in the home office. We are asking them to come forward and name those responsible for us to shame. Of course, if they have a GENUINE REASON for their non-activity they will be judged fairly. But for the name of the game we must have transparency.

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