Chelsea fans rejoice as club swerve away from unpopular manager choice

The one thing you can be sure of in the world of modern football is that you can’t keep everyone happy, and that’s been more true than ever in Chelsea’s manager chase.

Antonio Conte is still in a job and yet there are massive disagreements about who should take over if he leaves after this season.

Luis Enrique is the bookies’ favourite, but he’s not a fan favourite.

The news today reported by Sport Witness that the board have grown tired of waiting for him to make his mind up has caused some celebration among Blues fans who doubt the Asturian’s ability to replicate his Barcelona successes at Chelsea.

They should be careful what they wish for however. Not getting Enrique doesn’t mean we’re guaranteed to get the likes of Thomas Tuchel.

If we break open the champagne for not signing Enrique then end up with Sean Dyche, we could end up pretty red faced.

Another Chelsea “wonderkid” sees his breakout move go bad

Charly Musonda was, and still is, very highly rated. There were plenty of Chelsea fans slating Antonio Conte for not getting him more involved in the team this year.

Now he’s been shipped off to Celtic, and rather than destroying that weaker league, he’s sitting on the bench just as often.

While everyone raved about the two-season loans when it came to developing Andreas Christensen, here we see the downside. Now Musonda is trapped in an average league, not even getting many minutes. And we can’t get him back this summer.

Given the number of teams competing for Musonda in January it’s pretty mad to see how little he’s being used. Brendan Rodgers was supposed to be on our side, as a former youth coach, in helping us to develop these talents.

As it turns out, he’d rather play Scott Sinclair, the Charly Musonda of 2010.

Hopefully some of the Bhoys best players will leave this summer and open a clear spot for Charly next season.

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