Man City highlight Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea financial problems

Roman Abramovich & Chelsea

Chelsea are back in action on Monday night in the Premier League.

After losing 4-1 to Watford last weekend, is anyone confident that Chelsea will beat West Brom at Stamford Bridge?

Ahead of the game, the Sunday Times have looked into Roman Abramovich and Chelsea’s spending patterns in recent season.

Despite the Russian plowing in a billion pounds into Chelsea since he arrived at the club, the case is made that Abramovich and Chelsea now have problem.

Behind Man City, Man United

When it comes to spending these days, Chelsea are behind Manchesters City and United.

Those numbers are detailed and fleshed out in the Sunday Times as follows:

In these past six years (Man) City have flourished thanks to Abu Dhabi and the traditional powers exploiting their commercial potential.

(Man) United’s turnover since 2012 has increased by 71%, City’s 85%, Arsenal’s 68%, Liverpool’s 82%, Tottenham’s 100%. Chelsea’s (despite winning more than the rest) is up 33%.

You see it in transfers. Post-Hazard, City and United have bought 11 players, combined, for £40m or more and Chelsea two.

Over the past four seasons Chelsea earned £224m compared with £32m at Manchester United, £45m at Arsenal and £69m at Manchester City.

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