Chelsea should seriously consider moving for Paul Pogba this summer, here’s 2 reasons why

Our Chelsea fans here are hoping it’s third time lucky in the Transfer window and will be praying they gain a quality player or two in the summer.

Chelsea have got some serious work to do in the squad and some of the key areas for strengthening were addressed in the winter window, with the additions of a left back, forward and midfielder.

However, with reports of some first-team members possibly leaving in the summer, Antonio Conte and the board may have a major task on their hands come to the summer window.

Although an audacious move for disgruntled midfielder Paul Pogba would appease some of the Blue fans here in the bar, crazy as it seems.

With the Frenchman seemingly unhappy at United at the moment, considering Jose Mourinho’s ruthlessness – a move away for Pogba may not be a ridiculous statement.

So, we take a look at a couple of reasons why Chelsea should consider a move…


With the sale of Nemanja Matic in the summer to Old Trafford, many of our fans in the bar feel that United owe Chelsea a favour in terms of transfers.

Matic was a first team player and a manager favourite, many were left bewildered with the move and Chelsea may call back the returning favour.

Pogba is currently unhappy it seems at Old Trafford and now maybe a good a time as any to capitalize on a potential massive move for both player and club.


Eden Hazard has long been touted with a move to either PSG or Real Madrid and the moves of both Alexis Sanchez and Neymar in the last few months prove anything is possible.

If he was to leave, then bringing Pogba in would be a great way of keeping the fans happy.

Even though our regulars would love to see both Pogba and Hazard in the same team, the likely hood of is rare to happen.

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