Liverpool mayor has asked police to investigate Chelsea for crazy reason: Full Report

The mayor of Liverpool has asked police to investigate the deal taking Ross Barkley from Everton to Chelsea for signs of fraud.

Joe Anderson, a lifelong Toffees fan, took to Twitter following the announcement of the deal last week to question the legitimacy and outline his plans to contact the Football Association and Premier League.

The mayor has now, in an official capacity, written to both Richard Scudamore, the Premier League executive chairman, and FA chairman, Greg Clarke to raise his concerns over how the deal “could be seen as a deliberate attempt to drive down a player’s value in the transfer market so as to benefit the player, his agent and the buying club.”

Barkley joined the champions on Friday after a deal to take him to Stamford Bridge broke down on deadline day in the summer window.

In a letter written on mayor of Liverpool headed paper, Anderson said: “I believe the circumstance of his transfer now warrants serious investigation. There seems to me to be at least a public perception that collusion has taken place.

“While that may not be the case, it is in your interest this is at least looked at to reassure fans transfers will be monitored more closely and no individuals are benefiting inappropriately.”

He continued: “Football fans are often treated as the forgotten minority and the Premier League would not be the fantastic product it is without them. Those committed fans pay exceptional ticket prices to watch their team play which I believe gives them a stake in this whole process, and they deserve the right to a degree of transparency.

“I am so concerned about the circumstances surrounding this transfer I am asking the appropriate police authorities to consider whether any fraud has taken place.”

Everton themselves have not complained about the deal and chairman Bill Kenwright has revealed that he has ‘no concerns’ over what Anderson has said, adding that Chelsea were ‘immaculate’ in their dealings both in the summer and January.

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