Christensen needs to improve one thing to become a Chelsea great like John Terry

Sergio Ramos, Nemanja Vidic, Daniel Van Buyten, Marco Materazzi and John Terry were or are typical central defenders whose main job is primarily to stop the opposition teams from scoring goals.

But simply doing what has been asked of them would not suffice when profiling them for legendary statuses at their respective clubs.

Top class beauties, mastered striking techniques, classic headers and simple tap-ins will characterize the efforts these defenders added to their game to advance among football’s distinguished gentlemen.

The 21-year old is good. He is so good, he has earned over 20 games this season for Chelsea in all competitions. His worth is cemented by the fact he has proven Chelsea can actually give an academy graduate game time.

Any young player that unseats David Luiz on the form he was on at the beginning of the season, needs to be taken seriously and the four-and-a-half-year contract Chelsea awarded him a few days ago, proves he has come to stay.

But is staying in the first team merely all the former Brondby defender wants? Rising to the standards John Terry set for himself means he needs to maintain his calm when in opposition box and tuck away the chances that come before him.

Christensen missed a couple of opportunities in the Carabao Cup semi final game against Arsenal, and if he wants to go down as one of the greats to have played at Chelsea, improving his quality in the opposition box in high profiled games as these, will do him a lot of good.

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