Antonio Conte: “I want Jose Mourinho in a room, just me and him”

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 13: Fourth official Mike Jones intervenes as Jose Mourinho manager of Manchester United and Antonio Conte manager of Chelsea clash during The Emirates FA Cup Quarter-Final match between Chelsea and Manchester United at Stamford Bridge on March 13, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

Antonio Conte has called Jose Mourinho a ‘little man’ after the Manchester United boss made a passing reference to the Chelsea manager’s previous suspension for match-fixing.

Mourinho and Conte have been involved in a war of words this week after the Manchester United boss suggested that the Chelsea manager behaves like a ‘clown’ on the touchline.

Conte responded to Mourinho by claiming that the Portuguese was ‘senile’ and pointed out that the United manager also has a history of being animated whilst watching matches.

After United’s 2-0 victory over Derby on Friday, Mourinho initially sympathised with Conte during his press conference but then referenced the Italian’s ban for match-fixing during the 2012-13 season.

Conte was suspended for four months for failing to report match-fixing during his time at Siena, but the ruling was overturned by a court in 2016.

‘I think its very difficult to answer this type of comment,’ Conte told BT Sport after Chelsea’s 0-0 draw with Norwich City in the FA Cup.

‘I think when a person the target is to offend, to insult another person, I think you’re a little man, but we all know him very well what’s in the past but he’s always the same.’

Asked if he is annoyed by Mourinho’s comments, Conte replied:

‘No, but this is his way, it’s not a surprise for me, when you insult or offend another person you’re a little man, and I think he’s a little man.

‘Life goes on, I not worried about him. For sure, there is a good opportunity when we play against Manchester United to clarify in a room, just me and him.

‘I repeat, I don’t like to speak about other coaches, I think when you tell something you have to take the responsibility for this, if you try to speak and then to keep the situation in general, you must have a big personality and big balls, to tell this and this, and I’m talking about this.’

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  1. For sure Mourinho is slowly losing all the sympathy and love that Chelsea fans have had for him.
    Attacking Chelsea’s coach, who ever it maybe , is attacking the club. Slighting the coach is slighting the club and Chelsea supporters don’t like that.
    Despite his age Mourinho needs to grow up. Chelsea booted him out, rightfully or wrongly is not the issue, so he must get on with life and mind his own freaking business and concentrate on giving the club that employed him results.
    hands off Conte, Jose.

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