Chelsea offer makes player reject Real Madrid, we take a look

Athletic Club Bilbao goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga is surely one of the most wanted Spanish talents right now. The 23-year-old has been showing great potential for the Basque club, and that’s a reason why, according to the Spanish media lately, Real Madrid are crazy for him.

But there’s an interesting claim made in the local press yesterday, in TV show El Chiringuito, where journalist Josep Pedrerol claimed that Chelsea are actually closer to the player.

Yeah, we know how unreliable El Chiringuito can be, and it’s always hard to buy what they say. But it’s still curious to see that a show which traditionally favours Real Madrid is saying the club is losing the race for a Spanish prospect.

Pedrerol claimed that Chelsea have made an offer for Kepa, and that leaves the goalkeeper less likely to join Real Madrid.

How much of this is true? It’s hard to tell. But we’re interested in finding the reason why Chelsea were thrown in a race which Florentino Perez was already very close to winning.

The reason, given the source, is probably drama.

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