Pre Match Conference Live: Antonio Conte accepts sacking possibility

Thoughts on Watford?

I think they are doing very well and they did a really good transfer market. They strengthened very well the squad. I am very happy for the Pozzo family, I know them very well. They have a great knowledge in the football. I am happy for them but tomorrow we want to beat them.

Conte on who will win the Ballon d’Or

I don’t know, we are talking three amazing players, that every year are being discussed in the same way.

Are the injuries affecting your system at the moment?

I am not happy to change the system of my players. Every player has their own role. You have to adapt and be ready to pay for this. It is normal.

Are Chelsea like Spurs last season?

Our situation is totally different to Spurs last season. Pochettino was working with Tottenham maybe four years. Every year you can add something positive with your team.

This is our second season and we are trying to build something important with Chelsea. We lost a lot of big players and we are trying to rebuild and this season we have changed five players and we are trying to repeat something important. It is normal you pay something this season.

Will you change the way you train because of the injuries?

No, when you have to play four competitions this is the path you must follow. It is normal, the problem to play every game with the same players it is a big problem.

The game is not training, it is different. You can train only a part, but you lose the strength. When you have many players, you can use the rest to train.

Do you need to build some momentum?

Our focus is to go game by game. Every opponent can be dangerous for different reasons. For us it is important to be focused to go game by game and put ourselves in our game.

Is Chelsea’s home form a concern at the moment?

I think we are doing everything to try to win the game. The players’ commitment was very good against City and Roma, it is important to win, to try to win the next game.

Could Kante return against Manchester United?

It could be an option. if he is available before that, against Roma, I would be very happy

Latest on N’Golo Kante

I hope to have him back very soon, before the international break. The scan was better than before. N’Golo has started to work, not with the group to try to be in a good fitness.

Latest on Danny Drinkwater injury?

He is progressing well and is now starting to work, not with us but has started to work in a part of the session. Now it is important for him to progress physically. I think it is important to recover him very well. If I try to put him on the pitch I risk to have a player without a good fitness and risk another injury. Maybe after 35 and 40 days we must still have patience and wait for the right moment for him. He is frustrated because he wants to play. We must have patience.

Did Mourinho’s comments annoy you?

I think every coach has to talk about his job, himself and his team and his players and not the other. Every coach must be focused on his own work, it is the best way. I think this is a stupid issue. It is fun to see your interest in this.

Do the board still back you?

The most important thing to do is to work, always to have this enthusiasm. I don’t care what happens around.

Are you under pressure?

Every coach and manager has to feel the pressure. I try to give all myself and put all myself in the job. When I go to my house I am happy because I put all myself in the job for fans, club and players. Anything can happen in football .

Are you happy with the season so far?

At the moment after two defeats and a draw, I am happy for the commitment of my players. After the three results I am not happy .

Is it your training regime to blame?

I don’t know, my methods are the same as last work. We are maybe working 70% less than last season and maybe that is the problem. With the tactical and physical aspect because we are playing every three days. Maybe we are paying for this .

What is going wrong at the moment?

It can happen after Atletico Madrid we played a tough game after two games. Maybe I think this can happen, when we played Crystal Palace it was after the international break, then Roma three day s.

Team news

Honestly at the moment I can tell nothing about the starting XI for tomorrow. Many doubts. I hope in these 24 hours to try to recover some players. It could be [Cesc is only one fit in midfield].

For sure tomorrow the game will be very tough because Watford is a good team and a good position in the table. We play at home and after two defeats in the league we want to come back and win.

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