Full Press Conference: Conte talks about ‘amazing’ Batshuayi, Why we concede so many goals and more

Showing great character

“We show good character, good spirit, we tried to fight and tried to win. I have to praise my players for this. It wasn’t easy. When you are not used to losing one game, also two games in a row, I think it’s not simple. The game was very tough against a good team in a good moment of form, a lot of confidence.

“I think I want also to see the positive aspects because in the last two games we scored seven goals. We concede goals but I think to score seven goals is important. This game was the third game in seven days. I think in the second half also we showed good physical condition because we showed a lot until the end.

“We came back from 2-1. Now I think we have to recover very well and tomorrow is a day off and then to prepare a game against Everton in the Carabao Cup.”

Subs made the difference

“I think the substitutions sometimes work, sometimes it doesn’t work. I think every coach during the game it’s important also to understand the right moment.

“If there is a situation to improve and to change. I am pleased for Michy because he scored two goals but his impact during the game was also amazing. I think it was the same for Willian and Zappacosta.

“I was pleased also for the performance of the players I changed. Sometimes when you play three games in a row and the same players it’s important to make important decisions. So sometimes these decisions work, sometimes they don’t work. Today I was lucky.”

Was it a relief?

“I must be honest. I feel a lot of pressure but not this type of pressure if the club decide to sack me. Honestly I don’t feel this pressure. I trust in my work. I try to keep everything for the club that I’m working for.

“I’m doing this for Chelsea. I did this last season. I’m doing this with my staff this season. Honestly I will never be worried for this. Never. The pressure is I want for my players and to give satisfaction for my fans. I feel this type of pressure. Our fans, they show me and my players every game a lot of patience.

“They show they want to push us in every game. I feel this type of pressure, other pressure is not important for me. I don’t feel because this is our job. When I go to my house I am happy because I know I am putting 150 per cent for my club and my players are doing the same.”

Why can’t Michy do it when he starts?

“Don’t forget Michy is a young player. For him this is the first big experience with a great team. If you compare this season with last season, Michy now this season is playing a lot. Sometimes against Crystal Palace his performance wasn’t good but not only Batshuayi’s performance. The whole team played bad in that moment.

“I have a squad and I trust in every one of my players. I think and I try to transfer this message to my players. Today the impact was incredible and important, it must continue in this way.

“Work, work, work. To have the passion to improve and understand he has to wait for his moment and then when he has the chance to show he is improve. If you compare this with last season you can see he is playing a lot. Last season he never played.”

Watford chances, were you worried?

“When they scored I think they created chances during set-pieces. When you face this type of situation, the present is not simple. The confidence is not high for the players. I think to overcome this type of moment it makes you stronger. I think today when we were at 2-1 down it was a very difficult moment.

“Maybe the worst moment for us. To come back it was important. It means these players have great heart, a great desire to not accept these situations.”

What’s the issue with the defence?

“When you concede five goals or seven goals in the last three games, for sure you have to try to understand what doesn’t work. I have to try to improve the situation. We have to continue to work.

“When you play every three days it’s very difficult to work on tactical aspects and physical aspects and pay attention to every detail. Sometimes you have to play a game without training.

“Yesterday for example I say we are working 70 per cent less than last season but it is normal this. We have to try to find the solution to be more solid. We have to try find the way to recover the injured players very soon.

“But we scored eight goals in the last three games. The better thing is to stay more in the middle and between the two aspects and try to improve your team.”

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