Eden Hazard says: “Chelsea can close their eyes and play”

Chelsea star Eden Hazard says that manager Antonio Conte drills his tactics into his team so strongly that they could actually play with their eyes closed. Conte certainly has a reputation for being a hard-nosed, strict, authoritarian kind of leader, so naturally his training sessions would be the sort that would appeal to a Type A personality.

The effectiveness of his style is reflected by all that he has accomplished. The successful results speak for themselves, and they stem from serious training sessions.

“We work a lot. It’s not always easy in training, there are a lot of hours of training, but it bears fruit on the pitch. We play well, we won last year,” Hazard told SFR Sport.

eden hazard

“You can see that that’s the key to success: work. There’s a lot of tactics. It’s not always nice as a forward as you have to run, defend and everything, but at least at the weekend, you know exactly what to do, you can even close your eyes and play. That’s good.”

Hazard has won the PFA Player of the Year Award (2014-15) and two Premier League titles with Chelsea in the past three seasons. His strong work ethic has been a very big contribution to his and his team’s success.

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