Chelsea News: Jose Mourinho Was Rude And Wrong About Antonio Conte’s Side – Le Saux

Mourinho branded Antonio Conte’s more defensive than his Chelsea team when talking about his rivals.

But Le Saux thinks the Manchester United boss was rude with his criticism – and completely wrong.

“Jose Mourinho was a little rude about Chelsea after last weekend’s matches, criticising Conte’s side for defensive football,” Le Saux told Betfair.

“But that’s typical Mourinho, up to his usual mischief.

“Chelsea are not a negative side – the goals for column tells you that!

“Whether you think Chelsea play a back three or five it’s irrelevant really.

“They’re a five when they need to be and a three when they need to be.

“And we have seen how destructive wingbacks Marcos Alonso and Victor Moses can be when they go forward.

“What I like about Chelsea is that even when they are under pressure they always offer a threat on the counter.

“They’re great athletes and can get from back to front in no time at all.

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Antonio Conte: I couldn’t care less about Arsenal’s problems

The Chelsea boss is busy preparing his side to face the Gunners at Stamford Bridge tomorrow.

Arsene Wenger’s men have had a rock start to the season but have steadied the ship with some good results recently.

Chelsea have plenty of problems of their own but have not had the disastrous start to the campaign some predicted.

And asked about the Gunners’ woes, Conte had little sympathy for Wenger.

He said: “I don’t care nothing about Arsenal’s situation, I care about Chelsea’s.

“When we talk about it we are unlucky.

“They will solve their problems, we will solve ours.

“They are a big rival, if you see their squad they have a lot of top players.

“I don’t understand why they can’t fight for the title, they lost only one player but kept all the rest.

“They have many top players.”

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