Breaking: 3 Chelsea Stars nominated for FIFA World XI – Who should win?

David Luiz, Eden Hazard and N’Golo Kante have all been nominated for the FIFA World XI.

The news came today that the trio of Blues have made the long-list for the prestigious award.

It’s an impressive number for a team that didn’t play in the Champions League last year, but pales in comparison to the TWELVE Real Madrid nominees up for the prize.

The Blues’ lack of participation in Europe last year seriously aided their efforts in winning the title – but it will likely ultimately harm their ability to get into the final XI. Even this year, they will struggle to impress voters enough in their group games between now and the reduction to a shortlist in November.

However by advancing deep into the Champions League this year – as we hopefully will – will put these three plus the rest of the team – on a great footing to really attack the award next year.

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