Press Conference: Conte provides injury update on Hazard and Bakayoko, talks Hazard to Barcelona

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Who is not available for Chelsea’s game with Arsenal?

“Only two players, Eden Hazard and Bakayoko. They are working to try to recover soon but not for Sunday. For the first PL match? No. They have improved a lot their physical condition and recovering very well but they are not still ready to start the season.”

What are the injuries?

“You know very well about Eden, an ankle problem, after a surgery it is right to respect the time needed. Same for Bakayoko, surgery in his knee, we are hoping to recover very well and the work they are doing is very well.”

Score to settle with Arsenal?

“It was a pity to lose the FA Cup final against Arsenal after a really great season for us. Now there is another game, Arsenal are a strong team and we are awaiting a game very difficult for us and we want a win. So do Arsenal, I hope to see a good game for the players and people.”

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What do you think of the Community Shield?

“It is an official game, the first trophy of the season. For us it is an important game. For Chelsea and Arsenal we are not in the best form, because we are in the first part of the season and working very hard, the same for Arsenal. But for sure we want to play a good game, good intensity and to prepare the start of the season in six days.”

Thoughts on Neymar?

“It is a difficult topic. Neymar is one of the best players in the world, all these types of players finish their career in the same team otherwise if they they change we must be ready to accept this type of money. For a normal player it is £40-50m, if you want to buy a top player you have to be ready to spend this type of money. It is a difficult topic, for sure it is an impressive amount of money, if PSG are able to do this then why not?”

Can Chelsea compete at that level?

“For us it is very important to try to improve our squad in a numerical and medical aspect. We have a small squad, I think only one player is not enough to improve our team. We need more players that are not top level like Neymar, but we need to improve our squad.”

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Some interest in Neymar earlier in the season?

“No, I don’t know.”

How many players do you need?

“The best way to try to find the right solution is the club to know my opinion about the number we need, I don’t think it is right to say it through the press. If I say 1, 2, 3, 4 it doesn’t change. The club know my opinions and they are trying to do the best for our team and squad. We must wait, have patience and try to improve our team and squad.”

Rumours on Hazard to Barcelona?

“We are trying to buy, not sell. Otherwise the number is less and we are in trouble. I think that it is a rumour, Eden is happy with us, play with Chelsea and he wants to recover and start the season with us.”

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Will Moses on Sunday play despite suspended against Burnley?

“I think it is right to go game by game. On Sunday he will play against Arsenal, I am pleased I can count on him. Against Burnley I will have six days to find the right solution. For sure at the moment we don’t have a replacement for Moses, we are trying to find the right alternative. In six days I have to try to find the right solution.”

How do you prevent the bad season?

“We all know what happened two seasons ago. It will be very important to try to avoid the bad season. For sure we have to work, to continue to work very hard and work harder than last season, to improve every single players and continue to improve. In the transfer window to improve our squad. It is normal to be a bit afraid for the bad season, it happened to Leicester. In Italy, there isn’t two without three and we must pay great attention.”

Same formation?

“After a good season you have to keep the positive thing and change negative. One positive was the formation and system. We need to improve, every system needs to improve season by season.”

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Matic sale, reason?

“You have to ask the club about this.”

How important is the game on Sunday?

“It is an important game, it’s always important to win, above all if you are playing for a trophy, it is the first one of the season and we must have the will to try to win the game. It won’t be easy, we must try to start in the right way. I think it is an important game.”

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Has the Arsenal defeat affected you?

“Sunday’s game will be very important for the players, to find the right play. Arsenal changed their system during the season and my expectation is to see a really good game between two strong teams.”

Neymar and FFP rules

“I don’t know if it can affect it.”

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