More Lukaku Hints that Link Chelsea With His Signature

It’s a piece of hefty transfer speculation that refuses to die.

Whatever you may think of Romelu Lukaku, somebody has gotten the bit between their teeth and decided that it is Chelsea that are his next destination, most likely for a world record transfer fee.

Previous articles on the 24-year-old Belgian striker have implied that he can’t cut the mustard against decent opponents.


Are we forgetting that wonder-goal he scored against us, at Goodison Park, not too long ago?

Lukaku is a prolific scorer, no matter which way you look at it.

He scored 26 goals last season for an Everton side that were, at best, pretty average, and at worst, dire.

Imagine if he was given the chance to benefit from the plethora of chances that Chelsea create?

The sky really could be the limit.

The latest we have on any proposed deal this morning is just more remarks from Lukaku that hint towards a return to Stamford Bridge, words that appear in The Sun this morning and read,

“My agent knows what’s going to happen and I know as well.

“I’m staying calm and we have an agreement with the club.

“At least we have a direction where we want to go. I’m just going to rest for a few days and then prepare for next season.

“I want to put the time in on my holiday to take everything to another level and be better than I was last year.”

That another level is, many feel, with Chelsea Football Club.

Prepare for the second coming of Romelu Lukaku!

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