Champions Interview – Conte talks about FA Cup Final, Michy, Azpi, Luiz, Terry’s Farewell, PL Champions

Who surprised you?

It is not easy to find a single player. When I changed the system, Azpi, David and Gary hadn’t played in the three. Same for Victor, he was an offensive winger and had a fantastic season. This season we have had many players that surprised me.


If you tell me who is the favourite, it is Arsenal. They have the opportunity to have a good season with the FA Cup, we must find the right motivation and anger, it will be very difficult. I don’t know how many years Arsenal have missed the CL, we must have our antenna very high. I am not talking about tactics, but motivation and fire in our heart. We have the possibility to win and do the double.

Michy, leave him out?

I am pleased for him. Michy had a difficult season, it is not easy to arrive in the Premier League and to adapt is not easy. To have a great work effort he is deserving to have this final and another weapon.

First team next week?

I tried the right solution to find the right minutes for players, this season showed who came off the bench to be decisive for us. Today, Pedro and Batshuayi and scored three goals. It means that I am very good for the substitutes (jokes), I am very lucky

Motivation for the double

This is the danger for us. To think that this season is finished and if you win or lose it doesn’t change the situation. we must think as a winner, not a loser. It is important to celebrate, but from tomorrow I am the first to push a lot that this season will be great because if we didn’t win the title this season was good. After to win the title it became great.

I think this season can become fantastic if we can win the FA Cup, we must find the motivation. At this level Chelsea and arsenal are the same. We lost 3-0 and won 3-1, we have the opportunity to play the third game. It is a great chance for us to find the right fire in our soul to prepare and feel in the right way this game. It is a great opportunity to win and do the double.

Idea of guard of honour

It was a great idea from my players to honour him like this, one of the best defenders in the world. The 26 minutes we had to find the best solution, for the supporters to be involved in the celebration. After his guard of honour, he deserved it and it was great, the players recognised his career at Chelsea.

Idea of John after 26 minutes

I said it was very important to find the right solution to celebrate a champion. To start the game, he deserved and then to have the substitution after 26 minutes. He deserved this celebration because he wrote Chelsea history and I wish for him and for his family for the best. For me, the club it will be a great loss next season because he helped me a lot on and off the pitch. Now we must respect his decision and to follow.


It was great to finish on 30 wins. Someone might think this season was easy, it wasn’t and we must be proud to celebrate with our fans and family and it’s great to celebrate John Terry. He deserves this, to finish Chelsea with a great win. Now we have another chance to celebrate this season with the final of the FA Cup. We know it will be very tough. Honestly it was very difficult to get this win.

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