Cesc Fabregas speaks – ‘This is what I want for next season’

Cesc Fabregas regards winning the Premier League with Chelsea as the greatest achievement in his club career because it’s so much harder than La Liga.

Fabregas secured his second winners’ medal in three seasons at Chelsea when they beat West Brom on Friday night.

The only other time the former Arsenal midfielder has won a championship was with Barcelona in 2013.

But Fabregas, who moved to Stamford Bridge a year later for £30million, insists winning the Premier League gives him more satisfaction.

He said: “There’s something about winning this trophy from the other ones that I was very lucky to win, probably the biggest things in football. Winning the Premier League trophy is something special, it gives you a special feeling.

“Having played in Spain and watching a lot of football as I do – Germany, France and Italy – this is the best league in the world.

“Maybe it does not have the best players in the world, but it’s the most competitive and most difficult league to win, for sure.

“To be able to win it two times in three years at Chelsea is something to be very proud of.

“Why is it so tough? Anyone can beat you. That’s the thing. I’ve played in Spain, there was many games where you had to do really, really bad to drop points.

“Here, every game is tough and that’s why next year, with the Champions League as well, we will have to be at the top of our game to compete again for the Premier League.”

After failing to qualify for the Champions League for this season, The Blues will be back in Europe’s premier club competition next term.

Fabregas is confident Chelsea can challenge the elite on the continent, but believes it is harder for English teams due to the intensity of the fixture schedule.

Chelsea were the last team to reach a final and that was when they won it in 2012. This term Tottenham were knocked out in the group stage, Arsenal and Manchester City only reached the last 16 and Leicester, albeit a fine achievement, lost in the Quarter Finals.

Fabregas added: “We definitely feel we can do something in the Champions League. It will be a big target for us.

“Now lately you see the English teams are struggling. You will see that six teams can win the league easily. Any of them can do it.

“Then some of them will play Europa League, Champions League. Then on top of that you have the League Cup. The FA Cup.

“Other leagues don’t have these extra games, extra trophies and extra difficult games.

“You go to Burnley and it’s difficult. In Spain, you go to other places, relegation teams and it’s not as difficult.

“It will be very tough to compete but we feel we can be strong next season, not just in the Premier League but the Champions League as well.

“We had a lot of time in between weeks to prepare well this year, to train well and maybe next season we won’t have as much time. But at least this season has prepared us well for what will happen next season.”


  1. Here in Africa, we the Blues fans are very much impressed and excited having won English premier league championship.It has been one of our greatest excitement ever, since we had a bad season last year which made all of us unhappy, but with signing in of our most impressive and successful manager Antone Conte, today we are filled with smiles and happiness…..our players did the most incredible jobs this season, and they deserve the winning of this great title of the year.To all the top management of Chelsea FC, note that we support you days and nights, we don’t sleep so well just to see us winning trophies after trophies.All I have say to our players is to firm that next year, with our full support however hard we will find it, let’s retain the English Premier league title, I know it wouldn’t be just a miracle,it would be something we will all be prepare starting from today onward.let’s give a round of applause to ourselves for the hard won trophy….Many thanks Antone Conte and Captain John Terry and the Blues Players…The Writer is a Chelsea/Blues fan in South Sudan.

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