“Traitor” – Jose Mourinho insults Chelsea fans with a backhanded jibe

Chelsea supporters turned on Jose Mourinho after the Manchester United boss aimed a thinly-veiled dig at his former club’s fans.

The 54-year-old’s managed the Blues twice in his career and is the club’s most successful manager having won three league titles during his two stints at Stamford Bridge.

However, Mourinho’s rebuilding his reputation at Old Trafford after being sacked by the Blues in 2015 and he won his first piece of silverware with the Red Devils after last Sunday’s EFL Cup final win.

The 54-year-old got a good reception back at Stamford Bridge in October but he fear a more negative one for his side’s FA Cup clash later this month after insisting Manchester United fans are the most passionate that he’s managed.

‘I’ve managed several clubs and I have never seen such unrivalled passion. The stadium is full every time we play and the support the players receive is special,’ said Mourinho.

That has certainly irked a large portion of Chelsea fans, with many taking to Twitter to slam their former manager for the comments.

Mourinho criticised Chelsea fans on a number occasions during his time at Stamford Bridge and claimed during his second spell at the club that the fans had got ‘worse’.

‘I can clearly say we are the team to get less support in home matches,’ Mourinho said.

‘I think it’s getting worse. When comparing to my previous time, I think it’s getting worse. I don’t question the passion and the love – I’ m nobody to question that and I know clearly that’s not true.

‘Chelsea fans show us their passion for this club every day, but there is a certain line of living [way of behaving] at the matches at Stamford Bridge.’


  1. Jose M,is just trying to covince Man-u Fans to back him so that even if he stragle to reach the goal of man-u club fans will be on his side (he wants the defanse of fans)

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