After Mourinho, Jurgen Klopp gives his verdict on Chelsea and Antonio Conte – Here’s what he said

Jurgen Klopp says that Chelsea are by far the best team in the Premier League, and will be fitting champions.

Speaking before Liverpool’s home game against Burnley, Klopp was asked about Antonio Conte’s performance at Chelsea.

Klopp says that they have the perfect balance of attack and defence, but also are highly motivated after disappointment last season.

“They have the perfect players and the perfect manager. It is the perfect fit,” Klopp said.

“First they created the momentum. Then they used the momentum. Then they stayed consistent.

“I think we all agree it is a well-organised side. They have an experienced defence, highly motivated after what happened last year.

“I think they know they have had luck with injuries but that’s how it is. They could play the same side for a long time. Quality, though, and being organised helps a lot.”

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