“Civil War” at Chelsea over Morata and Lukaku – A report

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte is at odds with the club’s board over their main transfer target this summer, with the Italian preferring to sign Alvaro Morata over Romelu Lukaku, the first choice of Michael Emenalo.

The Sun lead their sports coverage with the story, headlined “Chelsea civil war” in which they discuss the alleged dispute between the manager and those above him.

Technical director Emenalo is keen to resign the man whose purchase he initially sanctioned in 2011, over Morata, whom Conte knows from his spell at Juventus.

Both players are potentially on the market, with Belgian Lukaku deciding against signing a new deal at Everton and Morata sick of spending time on the bench at Real Madrid.

Whatever the truth of the dispute – if it exists at all – we can be sure it’s not as dramatic as it’s being made out. Even if Conte does desperately want Morata, he’s hardly going to complain if he ends up with Lukaku, who is considered one of the world’s greatest talents in the position.


  1. Well I the both player are good but I think we should give Antonio Conte the chance to make the decision for betterment of team.

  2. Just buy whom Conte wants. He is the coach not Emanalo. Only Conte knows who is better suited for his coaching style. So let’s go for Morata. And please sack that idiot shit asshole Emanalo. He’s been there too long and has fucked up almost everything.

  3. I think chelsea should go for Romelu Lukaku, the guy is strong and he has EPL exprience.
    He unfimishing in chelsea. He is chelsea next Drogba…… Let forget about the colour of the skin…. For me i go for Lukaku

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