Thierry Henry says Diego Costa is best in the league, better than Sanchez, talks about Antonio Conte, Chelsea’s title chances and more

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has admitted that Chelsea have the best striker in the Premier League with Diego Costa.

The Blues forward has scored 12 goals and grabbed five assists in 15 top flight appearances this season, helping them to a three point lead at the top of the table.

Henry has named Costa as the best in the division despite the Gunners’ own Alexis Sanchez converting in to a central striker this season, scoring 11 and assisting six in his 15 league games.

‘I think he’s fitter, he doesn’t have a problem with his body,’ the Arsenal hero said of Costa on Sky Sports.

‘Sometimes when you’re not well playing a game, sometimes it does play on your mind. If you also end up losing, the run that they had last year doesn’t help, when you’re a guy like Diego Costa, to not lose your mind.

‘Do you remember the little argument that they had, him and Antonio Conte? When he said sub, no stay one the field, sub me, and there was some type of disagreement.

‘Since that they have managed to get an understanding, maybe have a talk.’

He added: ‘When you have a certain way of playing, that gives you confidence out on the field, and you can see that right now. Diego Costa is taking advantage of that.

‘But being fit is also a plus. Not playing in the Champions League, for him with his hamstring problem he’s had for a very long time, it’s a plus.

‘You can see that he’s fresh, that he can repeat runs. When you’re fresh, you see a bit better, you understand a bit better, you’re a bit more calm and also let’s not take that away.

‘When you win, and you already score, you smile at players. You’re 1-0 down, 2-0 down, and the guy is taking advantage of you, it’s a bit more difficult to control yourself. Especially for Diego Costa.

‘For me, right now, he’s the best striker in the league.’

Thierry Henry also believes the Blues will be tested over the Christmas period.

Chelsea have won their last nine top flight matches in a row to sit three points clear of the Gunners at the top of the table.

Henry told Sky Sports: “Listen, it is always a test in this league. We all know how difficult it is to play in the festive period.

“When I say that he has the week and he is not in the Champions League and Europa League and stuff like that, it is a massive help.

“Other teams also don’t have the Champions League and Europa League, he’s obviously doing something good and being clear about what he wants in his plan.

“You can name the Chelsea XI, back in the day you could name the Chelsea XI, the Arsenal XI, the United XI, whatever team you could.

“Now a lot of managers do rotate a lot and we’ve seen that last year Leicester were not rotating a lot.

“Yes, you are going to tell me again they were not in Europe but it’s having the opportunity to work in partnerships at the back, in midfield and up front and haven the same keeper behind the back four does help a lot in terms of what you want to do.

“Now is he going to change and trigger other stuff because obviosuly it is not easy to play in the festive period?

“I don’t know, that remains to be seen. But it does help to have the same starting XI on the field.”

Chelsea return to Premier League action on Wednesday evening when they travel to Sunderland.

After that the Blues face Crystal Palace.

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