Real Madrid Get Serious Over James Rodriguez to Chelsea, Insist on €500m buy-out clause

And here we go. Now it’s getting serious. Like those old TNT commercials, Real Madrid know drama.

Following reports earlier on Tuesday that Real Madrid’s James Rodriguez was working on getting his British work visa back in his home country of Colombia — which follow James’s shock confirmation and consideration of offers to go play elsewhere — here come Real Madrid to dispute anything and everything.

Although doubts remain over whether James Rodriguez will stay at Real Madrid, the club have not changed their position and will continue to refuse to allow him to leave before June 30, 2017. […] unless the player insists publicly and privately that he wants to leave, the will of the club is firm: wait until June 30 or refer to the 500 million euros termination clause.

-source: Marca

Marca do admit that James’s relationship with the club and the coaching staff is the worst that it’s been (“the distance between coach and player is even greater than it was before”), and that Real Madrid have been “angered” by his “outburst” following the Club World Cup final, but apparently they will insist on making him stay until the summer at least.



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