‘If Costa did what Aguero did, the whole football world would call for his head’

Sergio Aguero really has it in for David Luiz.

The Manchester City striker launched himself into a potential leg-breaking challenge on the Brazilian defender in the closing stages of his side’s 3-1 defeat to Chelsea.

And the Argentine has a history of plunging his studs into the Blues man.


Back in 2013, Aguero intentionally jumped with both feet into Luiz as City progressed to the FA Cup final with a 2-1 win at Wembley.

But unlike that occasion, Aguero is set to be punished with a four-game ban thanks to a previous sending off this season.

The question is: what would have happened if Diego Costa made this type of challenge?

We take a look at the best reactions from fans online…


  1. Good win but we have work more harder and harder to be a champions about Aguro what is done he get the punishment but if costa do this he will get more punishment beyond RED card this is habit of FA nothing is new

  2. If that Costa who did what Aguero did to Luiz,it would be head lines on papers every where and FA would give him not less than 10 match ban and fine him and the his club heavily,am happy he was out of that mess.

  3. Aguero seems to have very bad intention to David Luiz, like he is having some inner threats against the Brazilian, and God has shown it out. If it could be Costa who did it. The punishment could be triple than what was decided to Aguero. Even this Fernandinho why did he took pain to react against Fabregas like that. I think the punishment could cost all Etihadians not only Aguero and Fernandinho. Why the should be frastruated for the loss at Etihad like that. It is a shame for stars like them

  4. If it were Costa, worse will happen. Thank God he even recieved a little punishment. Some how, we know Chelsea is good and will end the seasin well. Conte has done his home work well, and we are in top form. Alk England is waging war against THE BLUES most especially during the January transfer window. We welcome all but we shall emerge victorious, this I know.

  5. aguero isnt a smart strike,heI uses force where force isnt require,football nowadays is a game of wits,that red card serves him right.

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