Breaking: Two Of The Biggest Chelsea Superstars To Sign New Mega Contracts

What a difference a few months make!

The futures of both Diego Costa and Thibaut Courtois were very much in question over the past summer and perhaps even the past season, with Costa’s (eventual) desire to return to Atlético (and vice-versa) basically an open secret and Courtois often talking in very diplomatic and professional terms about his future and possible return to Spain (either at Atlético or at Real Madrid).

Given Chelsea’s terrible season, both players had come under criticism, too, for their poor individual forms and lack of apparent commitment.

But now, all that’s changed. Costa is the Premier League’s leading scorer and has been Chelsea’s best and most consistent player all season. Courtois meanwhile is celebrating with fans whenever he’s not twiddling his thumbs towards another one of his European top flight-leading seven clean sheets.

Like the rest of the squad, they seem to have bought fully into the Way of the Conte.

Chelsea are apparently keen to take advantage of these good times by offering both key men new contracts as we head into the new year.

Both Costa and Courtois are halfway through their five-year deals signed in 2014 and would be in line for a £50k/week wage increase, according to Matt Law’s report.

Sign them up!

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