Latest: Chelsea first team player blasts off Jose Mourinho publicly, compares him with Antonio Conte

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Ever since he was signed for Chelsea from Wigan, Victor Moses has been nothing but impressive in his limited playing time with the Blues.

The Nigerian was hugely impressive in his first season under Rafa Benitez and was poised to become one of the regulars and a superstar at Chelsea but the return of Jose Mourinho at Chelsea meant that Moses would spend his next 3 seasons on loan at Liverpool, Stoke City and West Ham respectively.

That makes up the question as to why a player, who has been our best one in the pre-seasons consistently would rather spend his time away instead of getting a well earned opportunity at Chelsea? Jose Mourinho never answered that question, but it seems like Victor Moses has the answer:

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  1. A father,or teacher dat do not hav time 2 chat n play wit his children,is not a father.But i won’t blame him,bcs any teacher dat was never once a student,wil not know wat a teach.

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