Chelsea reportedly ready to bid £49 million bid in January for this Superstar: What do you think of the signing?

But is Romagnoli that good? Can he really be a fix to Chelsea’s defensive woes and become a long term replacement for Terry? Well, he is only 21 and thus any investment in him will be an investment for the future.

But let us take a look at some numbers which should throw a light at his talent.

According to Squawka, Romagnoli’s statistics reflect that he is a huge improvement over our defender Gary Cahill. For example, over the whole of last season, Romagnoli made 197 clearances, and Cahill made 116. While Cahill made only 36 interceptions last season, Romagnoli made a whopping 84 interceptions.

While, stats never give the whole picture, still, this just shows he is probably an improvement over Cahill. Not to mention the age factor, Romagnoli still has room for improvement.

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  1. Conte has to bring this defanter in whatever the cost(money) because in his teenage 21yrs he’s perfomaing better than all our CB defanters.He is a future investment,may we land him

  2. infact chelsea need somebody like Romagnoli. for our defence to be more solid, even age is still on his side, conte pls go for him

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