Is Antonio Conte set to replace Courtois with this Goalkeeper? A report

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Okay, let’s be honest here. We sold Petr Cech because we thought Thibaut Courtois is gonna turn into “one of the best” Goalkeepers in the world.

However, if you look at the stats, the Belgian is currently the worst goalkeeper in the Premier League. Add to that, his big mouth vomiting bags of controversies consistently and you wonder how good a decision it was to sell Cech to Arsenal!

With Chelsea keeping just 2 clean sheets so far in the League this season, reports doing the rounds are, Antonio Conte is fed up with Thibaut Courtois already.

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  1. Why is Chelsea always running after rejects? Why can’t we scout for a good breed of players or better still groom our own. Joe is even worse. Personally I feel Courtois, as much as he has allowed so many goals, is ok. The lack of protection from our back line has made things worse. Am sure when we strengthen our defence he will be able to perform better.

  2. For any decision to happen we must be verry keen, cause we lost Calvin De Bruiney,lukaku & now we are regrating the lost of petr Cech, Let the CLUB be careful for whatever step they take.

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