News Roundup: Striker apologizes to Chelsea fans after getting abused on Twitter, Shearer blasts David Luiz and more

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Chelsea loanee Patrick Bamford has been in the midst of a storm for the last 24 hours.

The English Striker, for some weird reasons, thought it would be a good idea to like Mesut Ozil and Hector Bellerin’s Instagram pics in which the Gooner players were celebrating the win over Chelsea.

Now, being a Chelsea player why the hell would you that? This action was bound to upset the Chelsea fans and that’s exactly what happened on twitter with the Striker getting abuse from a large section of Blues supporter.

Patrick Bamford has now released a statement apologizing for his behavior. Here’s what he posted:

Find out what Bamford posted on next page.

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  1. #I just can’t get it why did luiz has to take all the blame when he has never make any uncall for error like that stupid cahil. But because cahil is an english player those stupid english lengends will not put d blame on him. That why england player fail to live up to expectation in any tournament. #Fuck english players expet JT(John terry)

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