Gary Cahill: This is what I think of my ex-teammate Marcos Alonso and David Luiz

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This transfer window was rather a good one. Yes, we had targets we did not land, but when you see the likes of Kante, Batshuayi, Alonso, Eduardo and Luiz at Stamford Bridge, you are bound to feel good. In fact, we got Kante for only 32 million pounds, and he has already been brilliant for us.

Gary Cahill, for one, has been really enjoying his time with some of our new signings. Talking to Chelsea’s official website, Cahill has claimed that he believes the club will benefit from the transfer deals of Luiz and Alonso. He played with both them at different times in his career and knows a good deal about them.

An ex-Bolton Wanderers player, Cahill remembers Marcos Alonso as a very young player trying to be noticed in the footballing world at Bolton. Cahill said:

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