Transfer Roundup: Transfer officially done, Chelsea midfielder leaves on loan, Marquinhos to Chelsea?

Chelsea are chasing a center back, just as they were during the last summer window. However, the people behind the scenes, especially Michael Emenalo don’t seem to know how heavily they should knock the doors that they want to be opened for Chelsea. Case in point being a certain Milan defender. However, that is not the only rumour spewing smoke in the newspapers these days. So let’s take a wider look at the players being linked with Chelsea.

Romagnoli bid fails emphatically

There was a time when Chelsea could buy just about everyone they wanted. Increased competition and inflated price seem to have buried that fact into pages of history. However, equally responsible for that fact is a weird approach to transfers. Alessio Romagnoli would perhaps fit into any team in a couple of years. However, we are only incrementing our offers by a magnitude of £3 million.

A bargain is never a bad thing but when it makes almost get relegated, and then you repeat it, you either are mighty brave or foolish. Sometimes, you just put the money on the table, shut their mouths and take your man. Simple as that, but it isn’t.

We bid £34 million for him, and Milan have come all out and declared he is not for sale. Up that bid!

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