What should be our backup plan if we fail to sign defenders? Here’s the answer


Kalidou Koulibaly, Maksimovic, Romagnoli, Marquinhos, De Vrij etc. etc. This season has had Chelsea linked to almost every defender in Europe, and most of them weren’t even rumors, we actually made several bids and have failed miserably so far.

If we thought that the lack of Champions League for a year will have little to no impact on us, well, we have got to think again because, so far, we haven’t been able to sign any big names barring N’Golo Kante.

Going into the season with just 4 fit defenders, one academy player and an unfit Kurt Zouma isn’t quite comforting, but here we are, doing just that.

So, the question that’s eating everyone’s mind is, what happens if we fail to sign any defender at all before the end of the summer window? What if one of our back 4 gets hurt/suspended? What’s our backup plan?

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  1. Is it a crime to cancel and recall back Christensen and Ake from their loan?, l am dumbfounded l need someone to pls educate me on conditions of loaning out a player.

  2. They will unstead blame the couch for any failers and chase him,the board is responsible for all these mess,why is it that other clubs cab buy easily,early the better.

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