Chelsea’s Loss is Somebody else’s gain

José Mourinho departed Chelsea for the second time in a decade. It is clear that establishing a dynasty at Chelsea is like talking about flying pigs. It is just not going to happen. There are journeyman players and managers all around the world (two of them we know well: Demba Ba and Guus Hiddink). Chelsea has established themselves as the journeyman club if there ever can be one. There’s a reason Manchester City have won more league titles than Chelsea. The reason is patience and persistence.

Now there are people who advocate that Mourinho had it coming after not being able to salvage his job in time. They may be right as well. But how come that the same team, whose interim manager acknowledges the need for reinforcements; didn’t see the need for it in the summer! Palpable Discord is now part of folklore and Michael Emenalo is every bit accountable for the situation we are in right now. It is a wonder that he should still be in the job and lay the blame squarely on one individual.

Anyways, the team showed last weekend what everyone already knew, this is a very talented bunch of players. Why was all this talent drunk and drooling for the past six months is anyone’s guess. However, player power and a stupid hierarchy will not achieve us anything in the long run. Forget about back to back titles. This team is back to the Rafa Benitez era. Someone else will come in, have a vision of his own and then reshape the squad. Another season of transition awaits us.

Now as we are embroiled in this crisis, clubs from Manchester, Arsenal and even Liverpool/Tottenham are making solid strides towards stable success. Chelsea fans mock Liverpool as laughing stock, but Jurgen Klopp is one hell of a manager and Liverpool have a safe and sound future with him. Tottenham and Daniel Levy are scorned by Chelsea, but now I fail to differentiate ourselves from them, apart from the league position.

About Mourinho: He will be hell bent on a stay in England, and you’d be foolish to think that he’d have a lack of offers here. Manchester United may end Van Gaal’s reign equally unceremoniously if they feel he is serious about them. Every sign says that he is. José Mourinho will serve us several reminders of the Emenalo Errors that we fail to recognize.

Whenever you have different people managing the playing tactics and market maneuvers, you are in trouble. The managers want something and the director of football or whatever they are called get someone else. There eyes are on the bottom line, the managers’ are on the finish line. They pull in different directions.

As it stands, we have gone back to where we were in the summer of 2013. We even have Falcao as proof. On the other hand, Tottenham hasn’t changed their manager since Andre Villas-Boas. The Kop has Klopp. Manchester City is eyeing Guardiola and is ahead of us in that chase. Arsenal, despite whatever they do are still in the chase for trophies. We are doomed for the time being. Enjoy being a disappointed Chelsea fan for the next six months.


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