“We Will Get Back On Track” – Jose Mourinho Urges For Patience

How do I put this mildly? Okay, so we have been horribly Arsenal-esque this season. Leaking goals, shitty defense, non-existent midfield, Players distracted; yeah that’s the right word for us; Arsenal-esque.

I remember how I used to hate the International breaks. We are always known to start the season well. Then this International break would come on and destroy the rhythm of the side. Players would get fatigued, or worse, injured and the flow would be disrupted. Yes, that’s why I hated these breaks.

But, this time, though, I am embracing it both arms. Never, in my wildest dreams had I imagined such a bad start. Yes. Manchester City have bolstered their squad pretty good and I expected them to be the leaders, but, never had I thought we would be sitting at the 13th position after 4 game weeks. Did you?

All I know is we have got to improve as quickly as we can or else the title race could very well turn out to be boring and one-sided. And for that what we need is the best manager in the world. A manager who is good enough to turn around this crisis situation. A manager who can invoke fire in every player’s belly to perform to their best.

But wait, we already have that kind of manager. We already have Jose Mourinho!

“At the moment, we are losing matches and not getting results.

“But step by step we are going to be back on track.

“Three months ago we won the title and every success I have, I want more.”

Source – Standard

If Jose’s says we are going to be back on track, I am inclined to believe him.  The Portuguese is the best manager in the world and he best knows what to do in these kinds of crisis situations. I just hope we get back to our best, sooner rather than later, because, you know, City kinda look unstoppable right now!

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