THE CATALYST – Read How Oscar Can Help Us Get Back To Our Very Best!

A lot has been written and said about our bad start to the Premier League. Still, no one has exactly been able to pinpoint the reason for our struggle.

Talking to the media last night, the recently fit again Oscar dwelled on the fact that we were a little bit under pressure going into the Champions League after losing the last few Premier League games:

“The game was not easy for us as we had a little bit of pressure on us because we hadn’t won the last few games,” he said. “I came back from injury last night and the team changed a little bit. We came to win the game and we did.

We all are so glad that we did!

Although, there was one aspect of the game that few of us have been missing; our pressing! If you look at our last few losses, our pressing in the final third wasn’t up to the mark, but things were pretty rosy this time around:

“I don’t think the team didn’t press the last few games. But in this match we pressed well, we recovered possession and when we do that it is better for us, especially when we were close to their goal. “Jose told us to press and that’s what we did, and we did it good.”

Oh, Oscar, don’t be so modest here. We all know that you were the most important reason for our brilliant and consistent pressing in the final third! Let’s take that form into the Arsenal game tomorrow, shall we?

“Everyone was feeling a little sad before the game because we haven’t been winning games and we need to win for everyone to stay happy,” he said. “Now we have won again, everyone is happy and are easy to prepare for the next game against Arsenal. “Everyone has changed. When we win games, everyone is happy now. The confidence is coming again.

“This team won the Premier League last season and it is the same players now. We just need to take our confidence into games and win them.”

Source – London 24

Yes, confidence! That’s the big word here. We have drastically short of confidence as this isn’t a kind of situation we are used to. If we were Arsenal, we would have long been considered out of title race. But, with Chelsea, it’s different. Everyone knows we are capable of a magnificent comeback and that’s the confidence we need.

So, would Oscar be the catalyst for one of the best comeback ever?

I certainly think so! You might say that Maccabi were a weaker opposition compared to the Premier League sides, but the consistent pressing that we showed in the final third was mostly down to Oscar, and that’s one thing we have been desperately missing in his absence.

Cesc Fabregas has been tried as the CAM by Mourinho in the last few games along with Willian, but the Spaniard needs time on the ball to put together his usual magical passes. Willian, for the most part, has been a consistent presser, but his lack of creativity and passing in the final third has hurt us. Hereby enters Oscar!

The Brazilian is the epitome of consistent high-press and the transitioning from defense to attack under him is unmatchable!  He has the ability to bring players like Eden Hazard and Diego Costa into the game while providing time for Fabregas to put together a brilliant pass.

Sure, Oscar wouldn’t be able to solve our defensive issues or help Ivanovic get any younger, but he sure will help our attack to become more fluent and hence, help this team to become dangerous going forward.

Now, with the Brazilian returning to full fitness, I am suddenly more interested in the Arsenal game!

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