Return Of The Mask?

We have been all over the place defensively and Gary Cahill’s nose has been experiencing the feeling quite literally!

England’s brave, Gary Cahill, has been in Cahill-esque form since the start of the season; nothing spectacular, nothing flashy, decent, lots of last minute tackles and an odd couple of mistakes every once in a while.

This is not to say that I am criticizing him or anything, it’s just the way he plays and I don’t think he has been the main reason for our defensive frailties anyway. Did anyone say, Ivanovic?

The Englishman suffered a blow to his nose in our last pre-season friendly against Fiorentina. The defender came back for the Community Shield game but was punched in the face a couple of weeks later by Asmir Begovic, during the Manchester City clash. Of course, it wasn’t intentional, but Cahill’s nose was all over the place and it was time for the return of the legendary mask!

“I’ve got to wear it maybe another month or couple of months. I’d rather it not be there. It protects your nose, which is the main thing, but vision-wise it’s better if it’s not there. You put something on your face and you know that it’s there, you’re always aware, so it’s not ideal. But if I got another smash on it, it would be all over the place.

“It [his nose] doesn’t feel too bad but it’s broken in two places. You can’t really see, because it’s not out of joint. The blow at Man City was the one that finished it off.”

Source – Westlondonsport

So after much wait, the legend of Zorro is back!

From Torres to Ramires, whoever has wore that magical mask, his performance level has increased ten folds. Maybe, with the defensive problems that we are experiencing, just maybe, It’s Gary Zahill who we need after all to solve all our struggles at the back?

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