Oh, When The Blues Go Marching In – London Derby’s Poetic Version

The capital was ready,
And so was the Bridge;
As the quest for the Derby,
Seemed nowhere abridged.

The Reds from the North,
Took on the Blues from the West;
As the pride of the capital,
Was to be passed on to the best.

The crowd was ecstatic,
The pitch did brew;
As whole of the SW6,
Was painted in blue.

The rivals were cut throat,
The stakes were high;
This fixture was crucial,
As the season went on by.

The enmity between the two managers,
Was nothing to hide;
But the past records,
Held Jose’s chin up with pride.

Our chips were down,
In the high time tide;
As we were up against,
A strengthened Arsenal side.

The Blues were welcomed,
To the highest acclaim;
As the Stamford crowd knew,
This was more than just a game.

The roar of the crowd,
Could have got you deaf;
As the players left the dug out,
Along with the ref.

Former barrier of the Blues,
Returned in colours of foe;
He was cheered by the crowd,
Emphatically so.

But the headlines were made,
On the sidelines this time;
As both the managers,
Committed the forbidden crime.

Greetings were exchanged,
Hands were shaken;
Images were illusive,
Which left us mistaken.

The game was tough,
Not for the light hearted;
Whistle was blown,
& the match started.

We looked nervy,
shaken up a bit;
Luckily though we,
Weren’t to be hit.

Slowly we were back,
Into our own;
Our nemesis got lame,
Were simply out thrown.

But the headlines of the half,
Were made at the end;
As the Reds’ defenders,
Had a beast to contend.

The ref did not like,
Whatever he saw;
& the player was,
Sent off distraught.

In the second half,
We came up with fire;
The intent was there,
With some vicious desire.

Then the Spaniard set up,
A delightful ball;
Zouma was obliged,
As he picked up the call.

He thumped the ball,
Behind Petr Cech;
& minutes into the second period,
The Blues led.

That wasn’t it,
We kept on piling pressure;
But anyhow the foe,
Had our measure.

Another combatant,
Made a challenge so stray,
The official wasn’t pleased,
And he was red carded away.

After that the Blues,
Toyed with the foe;
Jose was still worried,
As we did so.

The victory was sealed,
In the very end;
When the Belgian’s shot,
Chambers couldn’t defend.

It was then done & dusted,
For the night;
As finally for the Blues,
There was some delight.

The stout Frenchman,
Went off without a greet;
As if warning us,
For the next time we meet.

The Bridge was happy,
The capital is blue;
& we’ll all keep singing this song,
Time and time through.

Our love for you,
Forever will be true;
We play carefree,
& our colour is Blue.

KTBFFH folks!!

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Edited By: Harshal Ahire

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