Mourinho Denies The Bust Up Between Costa And Terry, Says Everything’s Fine

Okay, so Chelsea are in a crisis here. I think everyone will acknowledge that fact.

Our form, this season so far has been surprisingly horrible. The news of training ground bust-ups between Terry and Costa or the rumors that the players, for some reasons, aren’t happy with Mourinho has been doing the rounds lately, but Mourinho has reiterated the fact that there’s nothing wrong at the Bridge:

“You cannot expect me to say we are all smiles, laughing and jokes when people are not getting the success that you work for, and I promise we work a lot for that. People are frustrated and not happy.

“Every season you have some teams that don’t start well and it is so easy to connect this with football and injuries, bad luck and bad moments. It is quite sad that many people go in the other direction and try to find problems where problems don’t exist.

“But that is their problem, it is not our problem. Our problem would be if problems are real but the only problem we have is that we don’t get good results.”

Yes, that, by far is the only real problem we are facing. The results haven’t gone our way in the 5 games so far, and even that one win against West Brom was more to luck than anything else. So, what is the manager doing to get us back on track?

“I like people to communicate. You don’t have to scream or fight to communicate. Communication is very important and I try always to improve my teams at that level. After that, fights or no fights I don’t think is important, but if it happens sometimes between people that like each other very much I don’t think it is a drama, but we haven’t arrived into that situation.”

Communication is the key, according to Mourinho. The manager also stressed on the fact that all is not over for us in the Premier League and we are still trying everything we can to get back on track:

“It would be easy now to say that we don’t care about the Premier League and we are losing points because it is not important and we only think about Champions League, but I cannot say something that is not true.

“We don’t prioritise competitions.”

Source – Chelseafc

Hopefully, tonight’s the night, things start to turn around for us. I know I have been saying it before every game, but all I can do right now is hope!

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