Mourinho Angry At Costa Ban – “The Team Is Hurt, If I Say Anything, I Am Banned Too”!

Costa is facing a three-match ban. Everyone is aware of it. While, except the FA and the Arsenal fans, everyone is also aware of the fact that it’s a completely biased and ridiculous decision subject to a campaign started by the English media against the Striker!

Diego Costa, since his arrival in English Premier League, has been singled out for any and every controversy while, there are a bunch of players who walk away unharmed for doing the same or even worse.

Now, even if the FA thinks that what Costa did to Koscielny was violent and deems a ban then what about Gabriel stamping in front of the referee when he was just booked for a misconduct? Doesn’t that guarantee a ban or a punishment?

When Jose Mourinho used the word “campaign” to describe what’s going on with the Football Association last season, I may not have completely agreed with him, but now I 100% agree with the Portuguese. There have been too many inconsistencies in the FA’s decision when it comes to Chelsea Football Club and Jose is right to point it out.

When asked about this another stupid decision by FA, here’s what Jose replied:

“I don’t comment. If I comment, bring examples, go deep and bring feelings into the discussion, a big suspension will be waiting for me. I don’t want that, the team doesn’t need that.

“The team lost an important player for three matches and they don’t need to lose their manager, so I prefer to keep calm and quiet.

“Every time we lose a player it’s not good for the team. I think it’s easier to accept an injury. An injury is part of the game and we have to be mentally ready for it. This situation goes deeper in feelings. Obviously the team is hurt but as I was saying although I don’t play, score goals, and tackle, my communication on the pitch is positive for the team, so I prefer to be quiet.”

“Now we know that retaliation is allowed. No problem, you can do it.

Source – Chelseafc

Jose is absolutely furious and, of course, sarcastic (that’s because FA panel isn’t capable enough to understand sarcasm) about the situation, but the manager has refrained himself from making any bold statements.

Given this “campaign” of English media against Chelsea, I say that’s the right decision. Who knows how much they twist and turn and finally blow up a statement to make it look like Jose has just committed a murder! As Jose said, we wouldn’t want our manager to be banned now, would we?

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