I’d Die For Mourinho – John Terry

Ever after Jose Mourinho substituted John Terry against Manchester City at the half time mark, the talks of our Captain leaving the Stamford Bridge has only grown stronger.

At the age of 34, there’s no doubt that the Englishman is now slower than ever and probably not one of the best Center Backs that he used to be a few years earlier.

So, is John Terry really looking to leave the Bridge? Is there really a rift developing between Jose Mourinho and him? I guess, after reading the following quotes, every one’s answer should be quite obvious:

“I couldn’t do that. I could never play for any Premier League club other than Chelsea.

“Jose’s the best manager I’ve ever had. I’d chuck myself under a bus for him.”

Source – SportsMole

Chuck under a bus! That seems a bit exaggerated. Or does it? Remember even Zlatan Ibrahimovic said the same in his book. Most of the players who have played under Jose, they have always shown the same kind of loyalty to the Portuguese.

There’s a reason Jose is considered the best manager in the world. You don’t hear anyone showing that kind of a loyalty to a Wenger or a Guardiola, but only this man.

Anyways, although I already knew this, but John Terry has again made it perfectly clear that he is Mr. Chelsea, a Blue through and through and there’s no way he is Lamparding us for any other Premier Club. Ever.

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