Asmir Begovic Explains The Reason Behind Our Drunk And Hungover Performances

We are 8 points behind the leaders after the 4 games and terribly, horribly out of form too.

It doesn’t feel good saying that, does it? Nope, it doesn’t!

What’s surprising is that it’s basically the same team that owned up the Premier League last season, plus the addition of a World-Class winger and a good Striker. Still, for some reasons, Ivanovic looks 50 years older, Terry’s been slower while, Matic and Fabregas have been playing drunk on the field.

Somehow, the laziness has been rubbed on Eden Hazard and Diego Costa too and we are losing games to mid-table sides. What’s wrong with us? This seems to be the question on every Chelsea fans mouth. .

Everyone has been giving their own opinion, jotting down their own team on a piece of paper or facebook for the world to see. Everyone seems to think they have the magical solution to solve all our woes, but ultimately it’s the manager, and most importantly, the players who have to perform on the field.

Asmir Begovic had been one of our better performers in this season, whenever he has got the chance, and the Bosnian tried to explain the reason behind our poor show so far:

“I think it is a combination of things, a little bit of bad luck, a little bit of other teams playing quite well and maybe we are not playing as well as we should have,” he said.

“A lot of things haven’t gone our way, we’ve had bad luck with sendings-off, things like that.

“It’s been difficult, I think the second season after being champions is the most difficult and there is a bit of reaction to that.

“It is nothing that our dressing room can’t handle, we’ve got a manager to take us forward and we’re not panicking just yet.”

Source – SkySports

A combination of bad luck, not playing so well as a team, other teams bringing their A games; yeah that about sums it up!

We are playing like a team suffering from a hangover. Like we had a party the night before the game and the Serbians are well drunk when they come on the field while, the others are disorganized at best.

Maybe Mourinho should lock them up the night before the game just to make sure nothing funny goes around amongst the players. Maybe then we can focus on the game and start winning again!

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